The Bereavement Aftercare process encompasses care and support provided by close family members and friends as well as the family's religious affiliations and Legacy Hospice Chaplains. At Legacy Hospice, our Chaplains seek to sensitively supplement the care given by the patients individual support system, and to be available to a greater degree to families when this support system is not in place. 

Bereavement Aftercare is provided up to and in some cases beyond thirteen months for families that have lost loved ones. 

Our services are provided by an experienced and compassionate Chaplain committed to the spiritual and emotional well being of our patients and their loved ones during the most stressful time of their lives. The following are Bereavement Services available through Legacy Hospice:

• Personal visits for the purpose of encouragement, prayer and grief counseling
• Funeral and Memorial Services planned and conducted at the families request
• Cards and letters of condolence, comfort, support and feedback on an ongoing basis
• Phone calls to check up on family's spiritual and emotional well being
• Monthly encouragement cards
• Referral to Community Grief Recovery Support Groups as needed/requested